Monday, March 08, 2010

Register your copyrights. Now.

I just had a conversation with the Library of Congress. Now, we all knew that copyright registrations were taking over a year to process.

However, the representative at the Library of Congress just told me that it is taking up to TWO years to process a copyright registration. This is an extraordinarily long time for a process where the sample is stored at the Library of Congress and a number is assigned.

Have you filed your copyright registrations? Now, courts will allow copyright lawsuits continue if an application has been filed - especially with this backlog. However, it is not a step I would like to see anyone take. File your copyright registrations because that is the first step to filing a lawsuit for infringement.

In two years, we all know that things change and infringements do happen. I highly recommend filing as soon as possible because the process is taking so long.


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