Monday, October 18, 2010

Trademark Seminar!

Announcing. . . Kravitz & Verna LLC.

And how best to announce a new law practice than to do it with a series of seminars.

Take a look at the first of this series here:

Our first seminar is on Trademarks for Small Business. It will take place at North Jersey Federal Credit Union.

North Jersey Federal Credit Union is located at 711 Union Blvd., in Totowa, NJ.

We will start at 5:30 PM.

Topics covered: Tuesday, November 9 for the seminar on Trademarks.

• What is a trademark?

• Why do I need to register a trademark?

• What is the registration process like?

• What common mistakes are made in trademark applications?

• How can I enforce trademarks?

• How are trademarks assets?

Thursday, December 2 for the seminar on Advertising.

• How advertising is affected by the various areas of law

• Truthfulness and claims

• Creation, Production, Placement and what agreements are needed with agencies

• Best business practices

Tuesday, January 11 for the seminar on Licensing and Copyrights.

• What is a copyright?

• What do I need to register a copyright?

• Why are copyrights important to my business?

• What is a licensing agreement? What can I license?

• What is a royalty payment? How can I structure them?

Tuesday, February 8 for the seminar on Promotion law.

• Contests and Sweepstakes Regulation

• How these regulations affect business

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